A thousand reasons to welcome 1000KX

August 25, 2022

We are very pleased to welcome our newest partner 1000KX. Formally established in 2015, the company started life as Chuanglian Computer in 2002. They were the first service company in Wuhan, Hubei to offer computer, mobile phone and smart peripheral equipment sales, service, repair and recycling. At present, 1000KX has three hundred ‘1000 Quick Repair’ stores across the country, employing nearly 1,000 maintenance technicians. By 2025, they plan to have 5,000 stores nationwide, serving over 100 million customers annually with a revenue of over ¥10 billion, making them the first choice for IT maintenance services in China. 

1000KX works closely with many major companies. They are one of Intel’s special contribution companies and an ASUS’ open platform special distributor. They also work with Huawei, VIVO and OPPO authorized dealers, Jingdong Service and Authorized Performance Suppliers and with Suning Helpers National After-sales Service Contractors, to name a few. 

Now that they are on board as the exclusive maintenance service provider for ROMA, we can all look forward to 1000KX serving all ROMA owners with professional service and speedy response. 


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