Welcome Direct Drive Tech

Our latest partner Direct Drive Tech was founded in Hong Kong with the purpose of eliminating reduction gearboxes and creating direct, precision power solutions through direct-drive actuators. They have a complete set of technologies for robot joints including sensors, drivers and motor bodies that do away with traditional delicate and noisy parts to deliver vastly improved performance.  

To date, Direct Drive Tech has focused on Home Care Robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Automated Guided Vehicles and facilities for the gym industry. Direct Drive Tech is now poised to expand into other industries with their  precision drives and powerful motion solutions. 

Diablo is just one of Direct Drive Tech’s many excellent products. Powered by RISC-V chips, Diablo is a smart biped robot with an open development platform. Driven by six M1502A direct-drive robot joints that move freely, it features surging power, smooth motion, energy saving and high operating efficiency. Diablo is extremely quiet during operation and its unique transformation feature allows it to have both the flexibility of a biped robot and the robustness and agility of a wheeled robot. The open development ecology provides a perfect interface for many possible applications. Diablo is an ideal candidate for a quiet companion, secret patrolling, flexible motions or steady transportation. 

We’re looking forward to more exciting developments from Direct Drive Tech! 

Welcome Direct Drive Tech
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