DeepComputing Shines at RISC-V Europe Summit 2024 with a Host of Breakthrough Products

July 3, 2024

By all accounts, the recent RISC-V Europe Summit 2024 was a huge success with international experts, scholars and enterprises from the worlds of RISC-V and open-source all gathered together to discuss the latest news and preview the most exciting new developments in RISC-V.

As a key sponsor, DeepComputing was very proud to showcase a wide range of exciting new products, including the all new DC-ROMA Laptop II equipped with Ubuntu, the Modular Mini Mainboard, the DC-ROMA AI Speaker and the DeepComputing Router. This was a valuable opportunity to engage on the world stage with all of our global peers and partners.

DeepComputing and Canonical Ubuntu Booth.

The biggest buzz came from the revamped DC-ROMA Laptop II, which has undergone significant upgrades and now stands alone as the world’s first RISC-V laptop pre-installed with Ubuntu.

At the joint DeepComputing and Canonical Ubuntu booth, visitors saw up-close some major new achievements in RISC-V hardware and software. The exhibition also included the Keystone K1 chip with Vector1.0 extension support, which demonstrated to developers just how rapidly RISC-V is progressing.

The DC-ROMA RISC-V Modular Mini Mainboard, powered by the StarFive JH7110 SoC, supports Ubuntu and is compatible with the Framework Laptop 13. Many developers visiting the booth were overheard asking: “I already have a Framework laptop – when can I buy the RISC-V mainboard?” All were pleased to learn the mainboard will soon be available from the Framework Marketplace. All eyes are now on the Framework website for the latest news!

New Partners. New Products.

With the support of our many partners including the RISC-V International, RISE, Canonical and Framework, DeepComputing’s new product launch was a massive hit with delegates.

The computer used for our main presentation featured the public debut of the DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II. DeepComputing’s founder, Liang Yuning, shared his entrepreneurial journey with RISC-V and his determination, passion and dedication to the RISC-V cause, which resonated with many of the attendees. Nathan Egge, Co-Chair of the RISE Technical Steering Committee from Google, highlighted the benefits of such hardware devices to developers and thanked DeepComputing and its partners for their contributions.

Framework CEO Nirav Patel could not attend the summit in person but sent greetings to the RISC-V community via video, hoping to offer more mainboard options to RISC-V developers through collaboration with DeepComputing.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ubuntu’s release. Gordan Markuš, Director of Silicon Alliances at Canonical, concluded the session by tracing the development of Ubuntu from 2004 to 2024. He also championed continued collaboration with RISC-V ecosystem enterprises to provide developers with an even more efficient and powerful development platform.

RISC-V International Developer Zone

As an active member of RISC-V International, DeepComputing has maintained close contact with the foundation. At this year’s summit Developer Zone, we showcased multiple DeepComputing ecosystem products, making us the leading RISC-V company with the widest range of consumer electronic products.

RISC-V Football Fever

Coinciding with the European Championship, we invited numerous industry partners and technical experts, including Canonical, ESWIN, wolfSSL, RISC-V International, RISE, Open HW Group, BOSC and Nuclei to join us to watch a live game on the evening of the 25th. In a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere, we discussed the development and future of the RISC-V industry and how to work closer together with a firm belief in the bright prospects for RISC-V. And we also talked a little football too!

DC-ROMA Laptop II – Now Ready for Pre-Orders

With the support of all partners, the summit concluded with the official launch of the DC-ROMA Laptop II. We are very pleased to say we are taking pre-orders now for this red-hot product. But do be quick and secure yours today! You can order through the link below:


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