Native RISC-V Development Experiences

Mission and Vision

We believe that we are with our hearts and minds to make great products powered by RISC-V chipsets, together with our faithful partners.

We are trying our hardest to bring the best development experience to our customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services.

Who Are We

Deepcomputing is formed by a group of RISC-V religious but very open fans about pushing RISC-V adoption to a limit beyond any existing ISA chipset for the coming decades.

Our goals are to gradually applying RISC-V chipset into various new and adventurous great products with all our faithful partners who are strong believer on RISC-V listed on our website.

Our focus areas, metaverse related products like headphone, smart watch, smart speaker, AR spetacles, autonomous driving toys and real cars. 


World’s first native RISC-V laptop!


RISC-V Powered Products



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