Successfully Compile RISC-V MCU Code on ROMA!

We are very excited to share that one of DeepComputing’s partners has successfully compiled RISC-V MCU code on ROMA laptop, deployed it to production, and it works! Compiling RISC-V MCU (Microcontroller Unit) code on the world’s first RISC-V laptop ROMA is a significant milestone that represents the convergence of open-source hardware and software, fostering innovation […]

ROMA  is officially released!

On March 26, 2023, at the 10th Open Source Operating System Annual Technical Conference (OS2ATC), we proudly unveiled ROMA, the world’s first native RISC-V laptop. Our esteemed partner, Xcalibyte, played an integral role in ensuring the successful release of this groundbreaking product, which they showcased at the conference. During the press conference, Yanwen Lu, the […]

Welcome Direct Drive Tech

Our latest partner Direct Drive Tech was founded in Hong Kong with the purpose of eliminating reduction gearboxes and creating direct, precision power solutions through direct-drive actuators. They have a complete set of technologies for robot joints including sensors, drivers and motor bodies that do away with traditional delicate and noisy parts to deliver vastly […]

A thousand reasons to welcome 1000KX

We are very pleased to welcome our newest partner 1000KX. Formally established in 2015, the company started life as Chuanglian Computer in 2002. They were the first service company in Wuhan, Hubei to offer computer, mobile phone and smart peripheral equipment sales, service, repair and recycling. At present, 1000KX has three hundred ‘1000 Quick Repair’ […]

A New Partner, A New Chip

On the hardware side, we are very glad to introduce our latest partner Reexen. Reexen is an inference sensing and in-memory computing startup with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and Zurich. They develop ultra low-power audio and visual signal processing chips. They have already found great market success with true wireless stereo (TWS) headsets and other wearables. With high-efficiency chips, Reexen is targeting AR/VR/XR, AIoT and autonomous driving applications.   But Reexen’s strengths don’t just […]


We’ve just celebrated another significant Roma moment as we move to a final PCB layout and simulation test. The board looks good!  Watching components being added to the PCB, it’s great to know that wasted parts can be used by our new partner, Diode Planet Man who recycles unwanted items into fantastic toys and art […]

Meet Our First Partner – Beijing Dynamics! 

We are very proud to introduce you to our very first partner, a RISC-V enthusiastic and good friend Tony who runs Beijing Dynamics. Without any advance notice, Tony has already planned a RISC-V chipset (CSM32RV20 by CSM, And he is getting ready to ship it to our first 99 owners who have purchased the […]

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